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Catherine Stewart-Mott

Client Testimonials

"Cathy is very professional, knowledgeable and approachable. She assisted me with great success in applying for a managerial position within the Ontario Public Service. Her ability to draw out my diverse capabilities helped to both build upon and fine tune what I had to offer. Additionally, the wealth of information she shared enabled me to prepare an excellent application and to succeed in the interview." (NW)

"Cathy helped me on several occasions with my employment search upon graduation. Cathy has proven to be very reliable, proactive and highly committed. She has made a strong impression on myself as well as others upon recommendation." Great Results ... Personable ... High Integrity." (NB)

"Catherine helped me to work through a very difficult period in my life when I was unsure which direction to take. With her counselling skills and ability to see my strengths and needs, she guided me in the right direction. Taking the workshops and then discussing my findings with her led me in the direction I have now taken. I would recommend Catherine in an instant because of her compassion, knowledge of her profession, and her ability to read between the lines." (JT)

"I like how you have broken this whole process into small, manageable pieces and then reminding us each week how the newest piece links to the previous pieces. I feel like at the end of this series, I will have filled in or completed a very large jigsaw puzzle that looked complex and difficult when I started, but will be quite lively to behold when we finish." (K.D, Workplace Wellness Seminar)

"I thought it was a great session ... not only the content, but your captivating personality. You had my attention throughout the whole workshop. You are both knowledgeable and humorous." (JS, Workplace Wellness Seminar)

"It is evident right from the concise content to the superb slide shows that you put a lot of hard work into these presentations. They are so well thought out that I find I can sit back and relax and really take it in." (MG, Workplace Wellness Seminar)

Professional Affiliations

"Cathy is a very caring, empathetic and committed professional; she has consistently been an excellent role model to others by living the values and beliefs of the profession." (RS, Academic Program Coordinator)

"Cathy's ability to analyze and assess each individual's skills and direct them accordingly is evident. Cathy is a people person who genuinely cares about people and wants to make a significant contribution to their lives." (KB, Affiliated Service Agency)

"Cathy puts her heart, soul and determination into her beliefs and her goals, and she encourages action, not just words. In the past few years, Cathy has won a City of Woodstock Honour Roll Award for Environmental Education, as well as the Via Rail Citizen of the Month Award." (DM, Municipal Representative)

"Cathy highly enjoys workshop facilitation and was able to bring her expertise into specialized workshops using personality inventories. This enabled us to expand the number of workshops and help valued clients." (IM, Assistant Program Manager; Academic Institution)

"As a trainer, I continue to be amazed as to what you have managed to 'get into' that (lunch hour) time frame. The a/v presentation is creative and engaging ... as is the verbal presentation. The exercises you have implemented are short, precise, and good evidence of the points demonstrated." (MP, Non-Profit Agency Executive Director)

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