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Catherine Stewart-Mott

Job Search and Career Development Support:

Life at times can feel like a crap shoot where we see ourselves as the victims of external forces beyond our control. It is wise to embrace a conscious and conscientious approach to your job search or career planning, as admittedly, it is a competitive and changing world we live in! Remember the saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." A good step is ramping up your job search with targeted application materials and well-honed self-marketing skills. A failure to move forward successfully can become a self-fulfilling prophesy, especially if we do not take strategic action in charting our life paths. By reflecting on your past and present, and carefully contemplating your future, you may discover inter-connections that are important, whether barriers which have held you back or keys to the direction in which you ultimately choose to travel.

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  • Targeted Resume and Cover Letter Development

    Competition for jobs can be downright fierce at times. A strategic application package which includes a carefully crafted and company specific cover letter as well as an industry targeted resume is virtually a necessity in today’s competitive market. Equally important is being comfortable enough with these ‘tools’ that you can live up to them during an interview. Drawing upon key words and showcasing pertinent achievements may help keep your application at the top of the interview prospects pile, rather than being relegated to the recycling bin! Get some help developing application materials that ‘mean business’.

  • Portfolio Guidance and Coaching

    Have you been forward thinking enough to collect documents related to your educational, work, and community involvement history? If yes, great! If not, think of doing so from this point forward! Tidbits of your life’s journey can certainly come in handy, as they can help support what you provided on your resume, and a portfolio also serves as a catalyst to further discussion in an interview. How you go about collecting, compiling and presenting these materials are also important pieces of the portfolio puzzle.

  • Job Search Coaching

    So, you have checked out the Service Canada Job Bank, area newspapers, company websites, and the local employment centre job board. Good for you! Your job search has started but is far from finished. Let the real journey begin by adding more tools to that fledgling tool box: utilize labour market information; understand the hidden job market; engage in elevator speeches; network strategically; customize your calling cards; create an online presence; integrate informational interviews. Your tools may vary somewhat based upon the career you are pursuing, but why not capitalize on the opportunities available but often overlooked.

  • Interview Skills Coaching

    Do you sweat bullets at an interview? Does your mind turn to mush at the mere mention of describing your strengths or weaknesses? Do you find yourself yattering on about a lot of light fluff rather than giving an employer the ‘real stuff’ they require to make a hiring decision? Too many job candidates hope that somehow, perfect answers will miraculously spew forth from their lips at just the right time. People are often ill-prepared for the interview process. And given an employer’s time is valuable. as is yours, does it not make sense to invest some conscientious time and energy in preparing for the interviews you are offered?

  • Personal Exploration Coaching

    Do you require assistance with discovering the diversity of who you are as a person, and understanding how you can apply this deeper knowledge in your life or career? Learn how your personality, interests, skills and values are relevant to the choices you make in life. (MBTI and Personality Dimensions certified; these can be offered as part of a self exploration package)

  • Career Guidance Coaching

    Would you benefit from assistance in choosing a career or charting a career transition? Assure the choices you make reflect who you are as a person and the employment market with which you must contend. MBTI and Personality Dimensions certified; these can be offered as part of a career exploration package)

  • Employment Maintenance Coaching

    If you struggle with workplace challenges, don't let these difficulties take control of your life. Let's discuss these challenges and find reasonable solutions or strategies geared to your particular situation. (MBTI and Personality Dimensions certified; these can be offered as part of an employee development package)